Compact Perfect Flow

Constant Flow, Two Part Metering System

Compact Perfect Flow pump for two-part resins

Compact Perfect Flow dimensions

Compact Perfect Flow Dimensions

Gallery of Completed Machines

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7-Gallon Compact Perfect Flow.

This Compact Perfect Flow is fitted with an electronic shot-size controller and 7-gallon reservoirs.

Compact Perfect flow for Paste.

This Compact Perfect Flow is paired with 2 Ram feeds on a convenient cart assembly.

Compact Perfect Flow with Drum Rack

This Compact Perfect Flow is mounted to a Cascading Drum-Rack to provide ease and mobility.

Various Options:

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Electronic Shot Size Control

Electronic Shot-size controller

For measuring exact shot size.

Vacuum Degassing

Vacuum Degassing reservoir

For removing dissolved gas from materials where bubble-free dispensing is critical

Desiccant Tubes

dessicant tube

For moisture-sensitive materials.

Material agitators

Material Agitator

For preventing settling of filled materials.

Carts and Racks

Tote Rack

For ease of use.

Snuffback Dispensing guns

Snuffback Dispensing guns

For controlled dispense of your mixed product.

Nitrogen Blanket System

Nitrogen Blanket

For protecting extremely moisture-sensitive materials.

Static Mixers

static mixer

For mixing 2-part materials.

Laminating Roller

Laminating roller system

For dispensing epoxy onto your large, wet lay-ups.

Spraying System

spray gun

For uniformly spraying your material onto any surface.

Rotary Table

Rotary Table

For dispensing materials on circles from 24mm to 155mm in diameter.

Perfect Flow Literature

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Watch the Compact Perfect Flow dispense a 2-part paste.

Compact Perfect Flow Ram Feed Literature

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