Super Duty Constant Flow Meter Mix Systems

For Two-Part Epoxies, Urethanes, and Silicones

Max Flow

Max Flow two-part mixing system

The Max flow is able to dispense two-part resins at up to 60 lb per minute with easily adjustable ratio capabilities. Many options are available.

Ram Flow

Ram Flow two-part mixing system

Designed for dispensing silicone from 55-gallon drums, the Ram Flow is capable of spraying silicone and dispensing 10:1 modeling silicone up to 1 gallon per minute.


VR-5 two-part mixing system

The VR-5 pumps directly out of 5 gallon, open head shipping containers and is capable of dispensing a wide range of viscosities, from liquid to paste.

Compact Perfect Flow

Compact Perfect Flow two-part mixing system

Able to dispense up to 20 lbs/minute, the Compact Perfect Flow is excellent for either continuous or periodic high-output applications. Many options are available.


FR-6 two-part mixing system

Designed for fixed ratios from 1:1 to 2:1, the FR6 is built with rugged, dependable, and proven Pro Meter style pumps capable of up to 2 GPM.