Carts and Racks

Cascading Drum Rack FR6 Cascading Drum Rack Tote Rack Simple Cart

Many of our pumps can utilize the mobility of a Cart for metering and material supply. We build these to be heavy duty with 6" roller bearing casters. Cascading Drum racks, as seen above, provide the advantage of continuous production while completely emptying drums. Drum racks can also be equipped with agitation for filled materials. Many cart and rack options are available, just ask.

Perfect Flow + Drum Rack dimensions.

Pro Meter + Drum Rack dimensions.

Avaliable to be used with these Pumps:


pumpkin, metering and mixing system for epoxy, acrylics, urethane and silicone

The air-powered Pump-kin is faster and more precise than hand-weighing and mixing material. Many different options are available.

Super E

Super E Two Part Mixing System, Shown With Urethane Options The right dispenser for	epoxy, acrylics, urethane, and silicone, dispensing

An air-powered two part meter mix system with many options available. Continuous flow model is capable of up to 3 pounds per minute output.

Pro Meter

Pro Meter Two Part Mixing System, the right dispenser for epoxy, acrylics, urethane, and silicone, dispensing

The air-powered Pro Meter is able to dispense up to 1 gallon per minute of accurately mixed two part resins. There are many options available.

Perfect Flow

Perfect Flow two-part mixing system

The Perfect flow is able to dispense two-part resins at up to 3 gallons per minute with easily adjustable ratio capabilities. Many options are available.

Compact Perfect Flow

Compact Perfect Flow two-part mixing system

Able to dispense up to 20 lbs/minute, the Compact Perfect Flow is excellent for either continuous or periodic high-output applications. Many options are available.


FR-6 two-part mixing system

Designed for fixed ratios from 1:1 to 2:1, the FR6 is built with rugged, dependable, and proven Pro Meter style pumps capable of up to 2 GPM.