Material agitation devices for use with two-part epoxies and urethanes

Drum-Feed, Flow-Through Agitator

Drum-Feed, Flow-Through agitator

Our air powered 55 gallon agitator offers a unique solution to those seeking to feed material from a drum by gravity while keeping it agitated. The unit includes folding props allowing it to enter a standard 2" bung. Integral plumbing in the agitator body allows material to be dispensed by gravity from a horizontal drum. Keeps homogenous material flowing to your metering system.

Reservoir Agitators

Heavy duty reservoir agitator

Powered by air or electric, this is the solution to unwanted settling of your valuable materials. It can fit reservoirs from 1 to 15 gallons. Our electric unit is available in both standard and heavy duty versions to cover a range of material viscosities.

Tote Agitator

Tote agitator

Suitable for rigid totes up to 330 gallons. Will agitate entire tote contents. Can include coaxial fill port in agitator body to allow tote to refilled from 55 gallon drum transfer systems. Direct drive air motor with sealed bearing supported agitator shaft.

High-Torque 55-Gallon Drum Electric Agitator

This agitator is designed for viscous materials in open head 55 gallon drums. One horse TEFC motor is combined with a heavy right angle drive. Excellent for silicones an other high viscosity fluids where settling is a problem.