5 Gallon Reservoir Upgrade

5-Gallon reservoir

Our smaller pumps can often be fitted with a 5-Gallon Reservior upgrade, a 150% increase in material capacity.

Avaliable on these Pumps:

Sticky Stuff Dispenser "B" Pump

B Sticky Stuff, Piston Type Pump For Small Jobs like epoxy composite repair and construction

The same reliable design as the "A" pump on a larger scale, pumping up to 3 quarts per minute of a low viscosity material.

Goo Grinder

Goo Grinder Two Part Mixing System, The right dispenser for epoxy, urethane, and silicone

Using gear pumps and chain drive, the Goo Grinder accurately meters two part materials. Output is 1.5 quarts per minute, less with very thick materials.