Mixer Manifolds

MX 50 Series Manifolds

MX 50 Normal Ratio MX 50 Standard MX 50 Center Stream MX 50 Wide-Ratio Center-Stream

MX 50 Normal-Ratio MX50-12x12-A

MX 50 Standard MX50-25x25-A

MX 50 Center-Stream MX50-GN50x25

MX 50 High-Ratio Center-Stream MX50-20x12x20-A

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MX 50 Mini Series Manifolds

MX 50 Mini Standard MX 50 Mini 90 deg Standard MX 50 Mini Sticky Stuff MX 50 Mini Pumpkin

Mini Standard MX50-M25x25

Mini 90° MX50-M19x19x90

Mini Sticky Stuff MX50-M20x12x20x90S

Mini Pumpkin MX50-M20x12x20x90P

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160 Series Manifolds

160 Series Standard 160 Series Center Stream 160 Series High Flow 160 Series High Ratio

160 Standard MX50-160SFMAN

160 Center-Stream MX50-160CSMAN

160 High-Flow MX50-160HFMAN

160 High-Ratio MX50-160HRMAN

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162 Series Manifolds

162 Series High-Flow 162 Series Center Stream 162 Series Wide Ratio

162 High-Flow Standard MX50-162HF

162 Center-Stream MX50-162CS

162 Wide-Ratio MX50-162HR

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Mini 162 Series Manifolds

Mini 162 Series Standard Mini 162 Series Center-Stream Mini 162 Series Wide Ratio

Mini 162 High-Flow Standard MX50-162-.75x.25

Mini 162 Center-Stream MX50-162ACS

Mini 162 Wide-Ratio MX50-162AHF

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Snuff-Back Manifolds

Snuff-back Standard Snuff-back Standard w/ grease port Snuff-back High flow Snuff-back High flow, Wide Ratio Snuff-back Wide Ratio Snuff-back Center Stream Snuff-back Mixpack

Snuff-Back Standard GN2-400M160A

Snuff-Back Standard W/ Grease Port GN2-400M160AGP

Snuff-Back High-Flow GN2-400M160G

Snuff-Back Wide-Ratio High-Flow GN2-400M160J

Snuff-Back Wide-Ratio GN2-400M160D

Snuff-Back Center-Stream GN2-400M160Z

Snuff-Back High-Ratio for MFHX mixers GN2-4000MFX

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Manifold Plugs

Manifold Plugs

For eliminating drips that would later reqire cleaning.

5-Axis Manifold Stand

Our 5-Axis Manifold Stand can be used to hold manifolds at a constant position for ease-of-use and precise material placement