Options and Accessories

Reservoir Options:

Vacuum Degassing

Vacuum Degassing reservoir

For removing dissolved gas from materials where bubble-free dispensing is critical

Carts and Racks

Tote Rack

For ease of use.

Nitrogen Blanket System

Nitrogen Blanket

For protecting extremely moisture-sensitive materials.

Material agitators

Material Agitator

For preventing settling of filled materials.

Desiccant Tubes

dessicant tube

For moisture-sensitive materials.

Dispensing Options:

Electronic Shot Size Control

Electronic Shot-size controller

For measuring exact shot size.

Snuffback Dispensing guns

Snuffback Dispensing guns

For controlled dispense of your mixed product.

Single-Component Hand Guns

single-component dispensing gun

For controlled dispense of your material.

Static Mixers

static mixer

For mixing 2-part materials.

Laminating Roller

Laminating roller system

For dispensing epoxy onto your large, wet lay-ups.

Spraying System

spray gun

For uniformly spraying your material onto any surface.

Rotary Table

Rotary Table

For dispensing materials on circles from 24mm to 155mm in diameter.

Stand-alone Accessories:

Drop-in Vacuum Tank

Drop-in Vacuum Tank

For degassing materials in as large as a 5-Gallon Pail.

Ohaus Scales

Ohaus Scale

For reliably weighing materials.