Looking for more tools to improve your process?
These are a few of the suppliers we have worked with:

ASI Adhesive Systems, INC
Epoxies and methacrylates

Axson Technologies
Adhesives and composites

BCC Products
Polymers, adhesives, urethanes, and epoxies

Cass Polymers
Polymers, adhesives, urethanes, and epoxies.

Chemical Concepts

EFI Polymers
Epoxy and urethane materials for potting

Ellsworth Adhesives
Industrial adhesives

Endurance Technologies.
Epoxy and urethanes for various applications

Environmental Technology Inc.
Specialized epoxy coatings for bar & table tops, doming, etc.

Epic Resins
Suppliers of epoxies and resins.

Franklin Adhesives and Polymers.
Adhesives and Polymers.

Freeman Supply
Pattern and mold making supplies

Industrial Polymers Corporation
Urethanes for molding, coating, and sealing.

Innovative Polymers
Urethane and silicone materials for casting and mold making.

John Greer & Associates
Aero-marine products.

Mas Epoxies
Epoxy for marine and composite applications.

Epoxys, acrillics, resins.

Polymer Tooling Systems, Inc
Mold making materials.

Polytek Development Corp.
Urethane for concrete stamps, and glove molds.

Prototypes, short run parts, and consulting.

Pro-set epoxy
Epoxy and adhesives.

R3 Manufacturing
Vacuum and pressure casting systems

Resin Lab
Supplier of encapsulants and adhesives.

Polymers, adhesives, urethanes, epoxies, silicones, and moulds.

Star Technology, Inc.
Epoxy, urethane encapsulation, and adhesive compounds.

West System
Epoxy products and boat building supplies

V.O. Baker
Adhesives and sealants